She’s mine. Find him.

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"My youngest flaunts her mind, and frightens away the suitors."

- Louis Nicolas le Tonnerlier de Breteuil, on his daughter, the raddest person in history, Émilie du Châtelet. Emilie was a scientist in the 18th century who proved Newton’s ideas on velocity wrong. She also played a role in helping Einstein figure out E = mcwith E=mv2 (via intuitiveunderstanding)

Also, “frightens away the suitors” = BS. Emilie du Chatelet was a hustler. Fucking Voltaire was her personal man-candy. Her husband was apparently totally cool with it. The historical record did not preserve evidence for or against a threesome.

#girls don’t you go feeling like you don’t got any role models ‘cause you got role models like damn  #it just takes a little more work to find out about them is all

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When she was a 27-year-old mother of three, du Châtelet began perhaps the most passionate affair of her life—a true partnership of heart and mind. Her lover, the writer Voltaire, recounted later, “In the year 1733 I met a young lady who happened to think nearly as I did.” She and Voltaire shared deep interests: in political reform, in the fun of fast conversations, and, above all, in advancing science as much as they could.” —

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when bucky becomes captain america please give me a scene of him having a tantrum and viciously yelling (while breaking things he can get his fidgety hands on) that he doesn’t want steve’s legacy, he doesn’t want to walk in his footsteps, only to break down in tears thinking he doesn’t unworthy of taking up the mantle because the responsibility of protecting people is so inundating because he thinks he’s better at killing people than protecting them

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Also remembering all of these awesome fandom cons is probably a necessary thing in light of all this DashCon incompetence.  They are not all poorly-run or badly managed!!  

I usually prefer fancons (the ones with no celebrities; I’m just not interested in mixing my fandom life with the canon) over professional cons.


Heck the professional cons like Creation and even (I think) Wizard world started as fan run andI always feel something is lost the bugger they get.

And it annoyed me when people tried to paint Dashcon as a scam. I really felt it was more poor planning… See Fedcon USA and -what was it called- Teentmoot for actual scams. Actual scams tend not to pay the hotel at all.


DEADPOOL - “Oh, F***K Me” (High Quality) - Here’s that test footage that has been popping up all over since it leaked at comic-con, featuring Ryan Reynolds as The Merc With The Mouth - in crisp, clear video! Looks so much better! Watch now before it gets taken down.

This is needed

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bury me with this photoset

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Alex Raymond

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Invaders Ao3 feed now live! →


Guys, I have made a thing!!

I made a thing AND IT WORKS!!!! I am so happy.

We now have a tumblr feed that will track newly posted Invader fics.
It’s a little tricky becuase while it says here just “invaders” the ACTUAL tag that it tracks on A03…


If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.

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